How to Stay Fashionably Cool in the Summertime Heat!

How to Stay Fashionably Cool in the Summertime Heat!

June 22, 2018

Summer has officially commenced and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you how to stay fashionably cool in the summertime heat! While less clothing is sometimes our initial thought, you’d be surprised with how YOU can spice up your summer style game, with these tips and tricks we live by!

Sheer Pieces:

As temperature rises significantly in the summer, so does our body heat.  Knowing that our bodies will most definitely sweat under the sun, it is important that we gravitate towards fabrics that will allow our bodies to cool down and minimize sweat! For an outdoor event appropriate outfit, we suggest wearing sheer pieces with lightweight lining.  Some of your all time celeb favorites have been known to rock sheer pieces at exclusive events, and this is because sheer fabric is without a doubt a must-have! It allows the body to breathe and is not constricting.

First up, we paired our ‘Marly Top’ with ‘Sloane Charmed’ jeans from our Dear John denim collection, and accessorized with a small ‘Isabelle White/Tan’ handbag, ‘Beaded Circle Peach’ necklace, and ‘Decade Blush’ earrings. What’s incredible about our ‘Marly Top’, it that it has a sheer sleeve which allows for any type of breeze or wind to penetrate through and assist in keeping the body cool and under control!


Linen Garments:

Ever feel like the heat is holding you back from dressing up to your full potential?  We’ve got you covered! You can still pull off a head-to-toe work chic summertime outfit with breathable layers. Yes, we said breathable layers! The next type of fabric that we’d like to introduce you to, is Linen.  Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics on the market! It is not only extremely lightweight, but does not cling to the body. From dresses, to tops and bottoms, skirts, and even blazers, linen comes in the form of many different types of garments, and are totally summertime friendly!

With our work days being fashion forward, making sure we adjust seamlessly to summer weather along with our clients, is more than important to us!  Here’s how we stayed “cool” in some layers, for a heat risen work day at Leona!

We paired our ‘Savoy’ top, layered under our linen ‘Gray Stripe’ blazer, and wore it with a pair of ‘Joyrich Smoke Gray’ jeans.  To complete the look, we lightly accessorized with ‘Rita Tan’ sunglasses, ‘Double Marble Green’ earrings, and our ‘Print Cuff’ bracelet.

Cropped Clothing:

Being able to move freely in an outfit, is hands down one of the most satisfying feelings ever! Pair that with comfort in a cropped statement piece, and you’ve got the perfect fashionably cool combo! Cropped pieces are the way to go on a summer sunny day, as opposed to full length items. Your limbs are more capable of feeling free while enjoying a cool breeze in a cropped piece that is incredibly refreshing on the body.

One of our all time favorite cropped pieces to have on hand whether we are traveling to a warm destination or planning a fun summer outing, is a cropped jumpsuit.  At Leona, we carry an array of summer style jumpsuits that are cropped and easy to style like our ‘Polka Dot Cropped’ jumpsuit, that we paired with some sunnies and our ‘Felix’ handbag.




Who said dresses were off limits to keeping cool? We sure didn’t! We’re here to let you know that dresses are the ultimate opportunity to let the body breathe all while creating a sophisticated look.  They cinch at the waist, allowing your lower body to feel fresh with every passing gust of wind.

The most cool-keeping fabrics for summertime dresses are linen, eyelet, chambray, rayon, and cotton.  These particular fabrics are our go-to’s and we proudly carry them at Leona because we want YOU to embrace the heat on any given day if you wanted to!

Now that we’ve shared with you how to stay fashionably cool in the summertime heat, we look forward to seeing how YOU style some of the fabrics we discussed and styles we demonstrated.  Be sure to tag us on social media so we can see how you are keeping cool this summer!


Sending Stylist Vibes,