September 30, 2019

The Leona Woman featuring Judge Renee Betancourt

With the upcoming season bringing in exciting and fall chic changes to our Leona boutique, we’d like to highlight someone who we have been so blessed to get to have as a Leona, and truly believe creates a significant and positive change in our Rio Grande Valley community.  This unique and incredible woman is, Judge Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt.  

Judge Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt was born in Edinburg, Texas and graduated from Edinburg High School in 1999.  In just 2 ½ years, she completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas-Pan American before earning her law degree from the prestigious University of Texas at Austin School of Law. In 2016, after a decade of practicing law, she was elected Judge of the 449th District Court of Texas. Most of her time is spent with her family as she shuffles between cheer practices, piano lessons and sport practices. She and her husband, J.R. Betancourt, are the proud parents of three young daughters, Gloriana, Carissa and Vitalina. 

Not only is Judge Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt a total inspiration to us, but we love how she gracefully transitions between her social, professional, and supermom style with her unique fashion sense.  See how Renee demonstrates that with ensembles she personally styled from our 2019 fall collection!

Always doing it with passion and elegance! 

Outfit #1:  

With Renee’s passion for her community and frequent involvement in local organizations, showing up in style to events with a standout outfit that matches her mood, is key!

For a transitional fall look with the South Texas warm weather in mind, Renee wore our ‘Fun & Flow’ off the shoulder dress.  Not only is it a statement piece with layered pleats, but it is incredibly comfortable and breathable! 



No outfit is complete without accessories!  To keep the focus on the dress, Renee added delicate pieces like our ‘Audrey’ necklace, ‘Moonstone’ earrings, and ‘Crocodile Arm Stack’ bracelet. Isn’t she stunning?!


Outfit #2:

Order in the court!  With a profession in law like Renee’s, dressing for the part is extremely important.  Throughout our relationship with Renee, we’ve come to learn she is a lover of dresses and is no stranger to incorporating them into her work attire.  For a work chic look, she wore our ‘Payton Wrap’ dress.  Such a gorgeous shade of blue we might add! 


What better way to dress up this solid light blue dress, than with some sparkle!  Our ‘Necklace 7555’ and ‘Earrings 2065’ were the perfect accent pieces to Renee’s work look. 


Outfit #3:

The secret of great style, is to feel good in what you wear!  When Judge Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt isn’t attending a special event or at work, she gravitates more towards a casual look that is still a reflection of her unique style.

With neutrals being an easy go-to, she dressed up our ‘Gisele-Snow Leopard’ pants, with our ‘Alissa’ denim jacket, and ‘Everyday Short Sleeve’ cream t-shirt underneath. Talk about casual, comfortable, with a side of chic!

The great thing about casual outfits is they can quickly be dressed up with jewelry!  Renee’s extra touch to her ensemble included our ‘Emme’ beaded tassel hoops, and ‘Pisa’ necklace.  

Even after very productive work days, Renee prioritizes protecting her eyes from blue light reflected from her phone.  Blue light casted from our phones, computer screens, and ipads can cause dry-eye and headaches, so she wanted to show you how her favorite ‘To the Max’ blue light blocking glasses from Leona, help her combat unwanted fatigue while still looking fabulous!

Get to know Judge Renee Betancourt with an insightful yet fun Q & A below!


Question #1: What organizations are you a part of in the Rio Grande Valley Community, and what do they mean to you?

Answer: I serve as a lecturer at Holy Family Church. It is a church organization, but it means a lot to me because I share the word of the Lord to others who are a part of my church and my community.

Question #2:  How did you become interested in your field of work?

Answer: Since I was a little girl I always felt the need to help others.  I witnessed many injustices growing, with regards to how my father was treated as a harvester and farm worker. I came to find being a lawyer was a way to remedy those injustices by helping those that needed it most.

Question #3:  If you could offer any advice to females who aspire to pursue a career in law, what would that piece of advice be?

Answer:  Pursue a career that you are passionate about. Don’t do it for the money or the title, do it because it is what is going to bring you happiness and fulfillment at the end of each day. 

Question #4:  What was your favorite Law School class?

Answer: My favorite law school class was Probate!

Question #5:  What are the first items you gravitate toward when shopping?

Answer: Dresses! I love to wear dresses!

Question #6: How does Leona’s unique style, fit into your lifestyle? 

Answer: Leona makes it so easy for me to buy the perfect outfit for any occasion. They have come to know my style and each outfit I find is always classy yet stylish and on trend. 

Question: If you could raid any fashion icon’s closet, who would it be and why?

Answer:  The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Classy.

We are thankful for strong, fearless, and impactful women like Renee!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know Judge Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt in our newest feature of the Leona Woman blog series. We are grateful for her support of our ever-growing Leona boutique, and always choosing to shop local with us!  We admire her for the all-around woman she is, who has not only made a significant imprint in the hearts of our team, but in the lives of many in the Rio Grande Valley community, her parish, her family, and friends.  

Here’s to many more blessings, success, and achievements to our Leona Woman, Judge Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt!