The Leona Woman: Liza Garza

The Leona Woman: Liza Garza

August 10, 2018

The Leona Woman Featuring Liza Garza

We’ve had an incredible summer at Leona and we wouldn’t want to bring it to a close any other way, than highlighting a woman who has left an imprint on our hearts and is a true force of her own!  We are proud to present to you our next featured Leona Woman, Liza Garza!

Over the last 25 years, Liza has been shaping little minds in education from Kindergarten through 6th grade in the Sharyland ISD.  One of her most grand achievements in her career, is being nominated and recognized as ‘Teacher of the Year’ for the 2017-2018 school year.  

From walking pageant runways to representing Debi Lou Productions, she holds several titles under her belt, with her most current reigning as Mrs. Tropics of Texas. Check out our brief Q/A below to hear more about this phenomenal Leona Woman yourself!


Get to know Liza!

Question #1: How many years have you been modeling, and what modeling titles have you achieved?

A:  At the tender age of 41, I began my modeling journey with Debi Lou Modeling Academy.  When Debi Chavez, owner of Debi Lou Modeling Academy and Production Company asked me to join her modeling studio I was extremely apprehensive.  I truly felt that I was past my prime and that no store or customers would be interested in seeing an "older model." But, with her guidance and reassurance I gained the confidence I needed to conquer my fears and my modeling adventure began.  Not only did I finish the required classes to be an advanced model, I also completed the courses to be a Debi Lou modeling instructor. My modeling experiences then turned into competing in pageants! I'm the former and the first Mrs. Rio Grande Valley, the former Mrs. South Texas and the reigning Mrs. Tropics of Texas with Debi Lou Productions.  With these amazing titles, I have had the opportunity to help out in various community organizations. I have modeled and been in photo shoots for countless stores across the Rio Grande Valley all while working as a full time elementary school teacher, holding down my household as wife and mother, and taking care of my mom. I have also won RGV Top Model in mannequin modeling and spokesmodel. I'm forever grateful to Debi Chavez. I'm 47 years old now, and there is no stopping me! Age is just a number! And without the amazing support of my hubby and kids I would not be able to pursue my modeling and pageant passions!

Question #2:  What is your favorite modeling memory?

A: My favorite modeling memory is when during a fashion show my youngest son, Sammy yelled out, "That's my mommy!"

Question #3:  If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?

A: I have been teaching for the past 26 years and I always tell my babies that they can be and do anything that they want to do! But.....still have your education in line.  

Question #4:  Why do you like shopping at Leona?

A:  I adore shopping at Leona because it's a one stop shop!!!! I have actually gotten dressed there! Hair, makeup, clothes, and accessories! Leona makes my life so much easier.  The clothes are classic and I feel empowered when I wear clothes from Leona. I truly feel welcomed when I pop in, and it's a store that I will always shop at! Shopping local is very important to me.  

Question #5:  In means of fashion, less or more?

A:  When it comes to fashion, I rely on my emotions and feelings for the day, week etc. to determine if I go bold or minimal.  But, one thing is for sure, I'm still that little girl playing dress up.


A total fashionista!


Now that you’ve gotten to know about Liza, here’s to show how fabulous of a model she is in some of our newest arrivals!


Blue is a year-round flattering color that pairs well for any occasion, and is an even more sophisticated choice on a dress.  Our One Shoulder Asymmetric Flounce Sheath dress has both an off the shoulder and one shoulder detail that stands out just as much as the drape at the waist. It also falls right beneath the knee giving it a classy look.



Accessories that can double up as everyday additions to your work outfits, or dressed up for a special occasion, are definitely must-haves! For a delicate touch, our ‘2473’ earrings,  9319 Gold Ring, and 3550 Silver/Gold Bracelet completed the look.


Jumpsuits are a girl’s best friend. Our floral printed Mawira Jumpsuit screams summer chic and is sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s lightweight fabric, off the shoulder cape, and above-the-ankle length makes staying cool in this summer heat possible!


Like Liza’s heart for giving back to the community, her jumpsuit is part of a collection called ‘Asher’ that we carry at Leona.  This brand, focuses on providing safe and loving homes for babies who are abandoned in African hospitals, clinics, and even outdoors.  With their ‘Asher Babies’ program, each item sold is paired to a specific child and helps fund his/her specialized needs. Our Asher collection is sold in-store and online at Leona.

To bring out the pops of green seen throughout the floral print, we went for our Feminine Tassel Earrings.  To complement the earth tones, our Stone Ring and Verbena Bracelet were the perfect pick.


What would a summer wardrobe be without some stripes?  Our Taylor Shift Dress adds the right kind of sass to a sleeveless summer style dress.  Add a blazer or waist-length cardigan to make it work-friendly!

A splash of color is never a bad choice.  We reached for our Druzy Azure earrings and a custom stack of Kinsley Armelle bracelets to match.

Our Coastal Knitted Top is surely teacher approved by Liza!  To keep the focus on the blouse, we paired it with Joyrich White denim jeans.  

For the educators that love to speak with their hands, we grouped an everyday neutral inspired Kinsley Armelle stack of bracelets just for you! Last but not least, a personal touch speaks volumes.  We added a dainty Constellation Scorpio Necklace to complete the look.

We hope you’ve been inspired by Liza Garza, just as much as we have!  If we’ve learned anything from her beautiful self, it is that you should never lose sight of your dreams and have the courage to pursue them!  We absolutely admire her confidence, love for her community, and passion in all that she does. We are more than honored to have her as a Leona.


Sending Stylist Vibes,